(a) 140
      (b) 120
      (c) 180
      (d) 80
Ans: (b)
122. Pacemaker is the
      (a) Sinu-auricular node
      (b) Auriculo-ventricular node
      (c) Bundle of His
      (d) Purkinje fibres
Ans: (a)
123. When does the heart start functioning?
      (a) At birth
      (b) After birth
      (c) Before birth
      (d) After a week from birth
Ans: (c)
124. The rate of heartbeat is accelerated by the hormone
      (a) adrenaline
      (b) acetylcholine
      (c) thyroxine
      (d) pituitrin
Ans: (a)
125. Blood cancer is otherwise called
      (a) Leukaemia
      (b) Leucoderma
      (c) Leucocytopenia
      (d) Erythrocemia
Ans: (a)
126. Which one of the following is essential for blood clotting?
      (a) RBC
      (b) WBC
      (c) Blood platelets
      (d) Lymph
Ans: (c)
127. The study of heart is called
      (a) haematology
      (b) cardiology
      (c) pathology
      (d) nephrology
Ans: (b)
128. The counting of RBCs is done with
      (a) haemocytometer
      (b) haemoglobinometer
      (c) clinostat
      (d) thermometer
Ans: (a)
129. Blood is a kind of
      (a) epithelial tissue
      (b) connective tissue
      (c) nervous tissue
      (d) cartilage
Ans: (b)
130. Oxygen transport is a function of
      (a) white blood corpuscles
      (b) red blood corpuscles
      (c) blood platelets
      (d) plasma
Ans: (b)
131. Blood of cockroach is
      (a) red