Ans: (b)
30. Malarial parasite is brought to human host by
   (a) male anopheles mosquito
   (b) female anopheles mosquito
   (c) male culex
   (d) female culex
Ans: (b)
31. The function of ribosomes is
   (a) Secretion
   (b) Excretion
   (c) Power house of the cell
   (d) Protein synthesis
Ans: (d)
32. Waldeyer gave the name
   (a) microsome
   (b) chromosome
   (c) ribosome
   (d) lysosome
Ans: (b)
33. The "germ theory of disease" was propounded by
   (a) Joseph Lister
   (b) Robert Koch
   (c) Louis Pasteur
   (d) Jacob Heule
Ans: (c)
34. The "graveyard of the RBC" refers to
   (a) spleen
   (b) liver
   (c) bone marrow
   (d) thymus
Ans: (a)
35. Who was the first scientist/doctor who attempted vaccination?
   (a) Joseph Lister
   (b) Robert Koch
   (c) Elie Metchnikoff
   (d) Edward Jenner
Ans: (d)
36. Sterilization, as the means for the prevention of sepsis in surgery, was practised and advocated by
   (a) Louis Pasteur
   (b) Edward .Jenner
   (c) Joseph Lister
   (d) Martinus Willem Beijerinck
Ans: (c)
37. Louis Pasteur developed the vaccine for ______ for the first time.
   (a) smallpox
   (b) cowpox
   (c) tetanus
   (d) chicken cholera
Ans: (d)
38. Viruses have
   (a) DNA only
   (b) RNA only
   (c) Either DNA or RNA
   (d) Both DNA and RNA
Ans: (c)
39. The "mad-cow disease" (Jakob-Creutzfeldt disease) is produced by certain
   (a) bacterium
   (b) virus
   (c) viroid
   (d) prion
Ans: (d)