Enema             a liquid used to give someone an enema
Expectorant       a medicine that you use for helping you to cough liquid up from your lungs
Fertility drug    a drug given to a woman to improve her fertility
Gas               a gas given to people before an operation to make them sleep, or during medical
                  treatment so that they will feel less pain
General           a substance that a doctor puts into your body so that you will sleep and not feel any
anaesthetic       pain during an operation
Herbal medicine   medicine made from plants
Hypnotic          a drug that makes you go to sleep
Inhalant          a medicine or drug that you breathe into your lungs
Injection         a drug or another substance that is injected into your body
Laxative          a medicine, food, or drink that helps you to make solid waste leave your body when
                  you use the toilet
Legal high        a drug that makes the user feel happy, excited, or relaxed and that is not illegal
Lozenge           medicine shaped like a sweet that you suck if you have a cough or sore throat
Magic bullet      a medicine designed to cure an illness quickly and completely, without affecting other
                  parts of the body
MMR vaccine       a drug given to young children by injection to protect them against measles, mumps,
                  and rubella. Some parents are worried about their children being given the MMR
                  vaccine because they believe it may cause autism.
Multivitamin      a pill that some people take to make them healthier, containing various vitamins and
Narcotic          medical a drug that people use when they are very ill in order to feel less pain and
                  sleep better
Opiate            medical a drug that contains opium and is used for reducing pain and making you go
                  to sleep
Painkiller        a medicine that reduces pain
Pastille          a round sweet that contains medicine, for example for a sore throat
Patent medicine   a medicine that you can buy from a shop without a doctor’s prescription
The pill          a small piece of solid medicine that you swallow with water
Prescription drug a drug that you can only get if you have a prescription from your doctor
Prophylactic      medical a medicine or treatment used for preventing disease or infection
Purgative         a food or drug that makes you go to the toilet
Relaxant          something, especially a drug, that relaxes you
Sedative          a drug that makes someone calmer, or makes them sleep
Serum             a liquid that is put into someone’s blood to help them to fight an infection or a poison
Sleeping pill     a pill that you take to help you to sleep
Sports supplement a food substance or drug that people can take to increase their energy or to become
                  more healthy
Statin            a drug that is used to reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood
Steroid           a chemical that is produced in the body or made as a drug. Steroids can act as
                  hormones or be used for treating conditions such as swelling, or, illegally, by athletes
                  to improve their performance.
Supplement        a pill or special food that you take or eat when your food does not contain everything
                  that you need
Suppository       a drug in the form of a small block that is put inside the rectum or vagina to treat a
                  medical condition
Suppressant       a drug that stops or limits the effects of something
Syrup             a sweet liquid that contains medicine
Tablet            a small hard round piece of medicine that you swallow
Tincture          a medicine made by mixing a small amount of a drug with alcohol
Tonic             a medicine that you take to get more energy and feel healthier, especially after you
                  have been ill or working too hard
Tranquillizer     a drug that makes people calmer when they are very worried or nervous
Truth drug        a drug used for trying to make someone tell the truth
Vaccine           a substance put into the body, usually by injection, in order to provide protection
                  against a disease
Vitamin           a pill containing vitamins