Major Immunological Tests and Diseases                     Some Viral Diseases in Animals
Test                  Disease                              Animal        Diseases           Pathogen
Ames test             Carcinogenecity                      Cow           Small pox          Variola vera
Dick test             Scarlet fever                        Buffalo       Small pox          Pox virido orthopox
Montoux test          Tuberculosis                         Cow           Blue tongue        Blue tongue virus
                                                           Cow           Herpes             Herpes virus
Rose-Waaler test      Rheumatoid fever
                                                           Dog           Rabies             Street rabies virus
Wassermann test       Syphilis
Widal test            Typhoid
Wayson stain test     Plague                               Some Bacterial Diseases in Animals
Tourniquet test       Dengue fever
ELlSA test            AIDS                                 Animal         Diseases           Pathogen
                                                           Cow            Anthrax            Bacuillus anthracis
                                                           Monkey         Dysentry           Shigella dysentriae
                                                           Rabbit         Diphtheria         Corynebacterium
                                                           Cow            Tuberculosis       M. bovis
                                                           Rat            Plague             Yersinia pestis
                              TYPES AND FORMS OF MEDICINE
  Types            Function
  Amphetamine      a drug that increases energy and excitement and makes you less hungry
  Anabolic steroid a drug that increases muscles, used illegally by some sports people to make
                   themselves stronger
  Anaesthesia      an anaesthetic that is given to someone before they have a medical operation, or the
                   use of anaesthetics
  Anaesthetic      a drug or gas that is given to someone before a medical operation to stop them feeling
  Analgesic noun   a drug that reduces pain
  Antacid          a medicine that reduces the amount of acid in your stomach
  Antibiotic       a drug that cures illnesses and infections caused by bacteria.
  Anticoagulant    a substance that prevents blood from coagulating
  Antidepressant   a drug used for treating someone who is depressed
  Antidote         a substance that prevents a poison from having bad effects
  Antihistamine    a drug used to treat an allergy
  Anti-            a drug taken to reduce inflammation
  Antiretroviral   antiretroviral drugs are used to treat certain types of virus, especially HIV
  Barbiturate      a strong drug that doctors give to people to make them calm or help them sleep
  Beta-blocker     a drug that makes your heart work more slowly, used for treating high blood pressure
  Booster          medical a small extra amount of a medical drug that you are given so that a drug you
                   had before will continue to be effective
  Caplet           a pill shaped like an oval
  Capsule          a small round container filled with medicine that you swallow whole
  Contraceptive    a drug, method, or object used for preventing a woman from becoming pregnant
  Cough drop       a type of sweet containing medicine that you suck when you have a cough or a sore
  Cough mixture    a liquid medicine that you take to help to cure a cough
  Decongestant     a drug that helps you breathe more easily when you have a cold
  Depressant       a drug or substance that makes you feel relaxed and makes your body work and react
                   more slowly
  Draught          literary a liquid medicine that you drink
  Drops            liquid medicine that you put into your eyes, ears, or nose
  Ear drops        liquid medicine that you put in your ear to treat an ear infection
  Emetic           a substance that makes you vomit