Mumps (Epidemic           mumps virus              Salivary Glands, Blood           low-grade fever, malaise,
Parotitis)                                                                          headache, muscle aches
Polio or                  Polio virus              Intestine, Brain,                Fever, backbone and
poliomyelitis                                      Spinal Cord, throat,             intestine wall cells are
                                                   backbone and nerve               destroyed. It leads to
Rabies                    rabies virus             Brain, Spinal cord               Encephalitis fear of water,
(hydrophobia)                                                                       high fever, headache, spasm
                                                                                    of throat and chest leading
                                                                                    to death.
Small Pox (Variola)       Variola virus            Whole body                       Light fever, eruption of
                                                                                    blood on body
Swine influenza           H1N1 flu virus           Whole body (muscles)             Headache, tiredness, sore
(flu)                                                                               throat, Vomiting, breathing
Viral Fevers              Viral fever virus        Blood                            runny nose, sore throat,
                                                                                    cough, hoarseness, and
                                                                                    muscle aches
Yellow Fever              Flavi-virus              Liver, Blood                     fever, chills, loss of appetite,
                                                                                    nausea, muscle pain,
                                  Major Diseases Caused by Protozoan
 Disease                     Pathogen                   Affected Organs               Symptoms
 African                     Trypanosoma gambienes      Blood and riervous            feels sleepy, may cause
 Trypanosomiasis             Vector - Tse-tse fly       tissue.                       death
 Amoebic dysentery           Entamoeba histolytica      Colon (intestine)             loose motion with blood,
 (Amoebiasis)                                                                         pain in abdomen
 Diarrhoea                   Giardia                    Digestive system              loose motions, vomiting
 Filaria or elephantiasis    Wuchereria bancrofti       arms and legs                 Swelling of legs and arms
                             Vector - Culex mosquito
 Kala azar or                Leishmania Donovani        Spleen and liver              high fever and liver
 dumdum fever                Vector - Sand flies                                      enlargment
 Malaria                     Plasmodium parasites       blood, spleen, liver,         Periodical attacks of high
                             Vector - Female            eyes, central nervous         fever, pain in joints
                             Anopheles mosquito         system, lungs, kidneys        accompanied by chill,
                                                                                      heavy perspiration and
                                                                                      fast pulse
 Pyorrhea                    Entamoeba gingivalis       Gums of mouth, teeth          tenderness, redness and
                                                                                      swelling of gums
                                     Major Diseases Caused by Fungi
Disease Name           Pathogen                        Organs Affected        Symptoms
Aspergillis            Aspergillus fumigatus           Lung, Air Tract        Obstruction in the functioning of
Athlete’s foot         Tinea pedis                     Skin                   Cracking of feet
Baldness               Tinea capitis                   Hair                   Hair fall
Beriberi               deficiency of thiamin           Heart and nerve        weight loss, pain in the limbs,
                       (vitamin B1)                                           irregular heart rate
Fungal Meningitis      Cryptococcus                    Brain
Ringworm               Tricophyton Verrucosum          Skin                   Round red spot on skin, itching
Scabies                Acarus scabiei                  Skin                   itching and white spot