Major Diseases Caused by Bacteria
  Disease         Pathogen                 Affected Organs    Symptoms
  Anthrax         Bacillus Anthracis       Skin, Lung         Itchiness, loss of appetite, nausea,
  Botulism        Clostridium Botulinum    Neural System      Difficulty swallowing or speaking,
                                                              dry mouth
  Chlamydial      Chlamydia Trachomatis    Cervix, Eye,       pain or burning during urination.
  Urethritis                               Urethra            itching, redness, or swelling
  Cholera         Vibrio Cholerae          Intestine          Vomiting, acute diarrhoea, muscular
                                                              cramps, dehydration etc.
  Diphtheria      Corynebacterium          Respiratory tract  Difficulty in respiration (mainly in
                  diphtheriae                                 2-5 yrs of child)
  Gonorrhea       Neisseria Gonorrhea      Urinary Tract      Swelling in urinary tract
  Leprosy         Mycobacterium Leprae     Skin, Bones,       Ulcers, nodules, scaly scabs (the
                                           Peripheral Nerves  infected part of the body becomes
  Plague          Pasteurella, Yersinia    Blood and lung     High fever, weakness and
                  pestis                                      haemorrhage which trun black,
                                                              anemia, fever
  Pneumonia       Diplococcus              Lungs              Chest pain, cough, high, fever.
  Salmonellosis   Salmonella               Intestine          diarrhea, fever, & abdominal cramps
  Tetanus (lock   Clostridium tetani       Central nervous    Painful contraction of neck and jaw
  jaw)                                     system             muscles followed by paralysis of
                                                              thoracic muscles.
  Tuberculosis    Mycobacterium            Lungs              Repeated coughing, high fever
  Typhoid         Salmonella typhi         Intestine          High fever, diarrhoea, headache
  Typhus          Salmonella Typhi         Blood, Skin
  Whooping cough  Bacillus pertussis       Respiratory        Continuous coughing
  or pertussis                             system
                              Major Diseases Caused by Virus
Disease            Pathogen                Affected Organs               Symptoms
AIDS Acquired      HIV Human               T-lymphocytes,                Weak immune system
Immune Deficiency  Immunodeficiency        White blood cells
Syndrome           Virus
Chicken pox        Vericella virus         Whole body                    High fever, reddish eruption
(Varicella)                                                              on body.
Dengue Fever       dengue virus            Blood, Muscles, head, eye     High fever, backache,
                                           and joints                    headache, retro-orbital pain
                                                                         behind the eye ball.
Ebola              Ebola Virus (filovirus) Whole body                    Fatal hemorrhagic fever,
                                                                         liver and kidney dis-function
                                                                         vomiting, headache.
Hepatitis A (Not   Hepatitis-A & B virus   Liver                         Loss of appetite, nausea,
fatal)                                                                   whitish stool and jaundice
and B (fatal)
Herpes Simplex     herpes simplex virus    Skin, Pharynx,                multiple blisters on or
                                           Genital organs                around affected areas
Influenza (flu)    Influenza virus         Respiratory Tract             Inflammation of upper
                                                                         respiratory tract, nose throat
                                                                         and eyes.
Measles (Rubeola)  Rubella virus           Whole body                    Loss of appetite, reddish
                                                                         eruption on the body.