information on balance and head position          Reproduction is of two types, i.e., asexual and
    to the brain.                                     sexual.
   The eustachian (auditory) tube drains
    fluid from the middle ear into the throat         1. Asexual reproduction is reproduction
    (pharynx) behind the nose.                            without sex. In this form of reproduction,
                                                          a single organism or cell makes a copy of
Nose                                                      itself. It produces offspring genetically
                                                          identical to their parent.
   It is the body"s organ of smell and also
    functions as part of the body"s respiratory           Fission asexual reproduction: Amoeba,
    system.                                               bacteria, flatworm etc.
   The shape of the nose is determined by the
                                                          Budding asexual reproduction : Hydra,
    nasal bones and the nasal cartilages,
                                                          yeast and sponge
    including the septal cartilage (which
    separates the nostrils) and the upper and         2. Sexual reproduction is the creation of a
    lower lateral cartilages.                             new organism by combining the genetic
   The nose has two holes called nostrils.               material of two organisms. It typically
   The nostrils and the nasal passages are               requires the involvement of two
    separated by a wall called the septum.                individuals or gametes, one from each
   Deep inside your nose, close to your skull,           opposite type of sex.
    your septum is made of very thin pieces of
    bone.                                             Syngamy sexual reproduction : Cockroach,
   Closer to the tip of your nose, the septum        frog and human being.
    is made of cartilage, which is flexible
                                                      Male Reproductive System
    material that"s firmer than skin or muscle.
    It"s not as hard as bone, and if you push on
    the tip of your nose, you can feel how
    wiggly it is.
   Behind your nose, in the middle of your
    face, is a space called the nasal cavity. It
    connects with the back of the throat. The
    nasal cavity is separated from the inside of
    your mouth by the palate (roof of your
                                                         It includes the scrotum, testes, spermatic
Tongue and Skin                                           ducts, sex glands, and penis. These organs
                                                          work together to produce sperm, the male
   Tongue is described in DIGESTIVE                      gamete, and the other components of
    SYSTEM                                                semen.
   Skin is described in INTEGUMENTARY                   These organs also work together to deliver
    SYSTEM                                                semen out of the body and into the vagina
                                                          where it can fertilize egg cells to produce
REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM                                       offspring.
The process by which new individuals are                 Male can produce sperm (spermatozoa)
produced from their parents is called                     through their life from age of 13-14 years.
reproduction and the organs which are used for
this process, collectively constitute the
reproductive system.