Joint or Articulation                                    Smooth Muscles or Visceral Muscles
   It is a junction between two or more bones              It is found inside of organs like the
    or cartilages.                                           stomach, intestines, and blood vessels.
   It allows to movement (except for skull,                The weakest of all muscle tissues, visceral
    sacral, sternal, and pelvic bones) and                   muscle makes organs contract to move
    provide mechanical support, and are                      substances through the organ. Because
    classified structurally and functionally.                visceral muscle is controlled by the
   An articulate facet is generally seen as a               unconscious part of the brain, it is known
    small joint, especially used when speaking               as involuntary muscle - it cannot be
    of the joints of the ribs.                               directly controlled by the conscious mind.
    Joint             Body Location                      Cardiac Muscles
    Ball and
                      Shoulder and hip
    Socket                                                  Found only in the heart, cardiac muscle is
                      Vertebra, radio-ulna &                 responsible for pumping blood throughout
    Hinge             Ankle, Knee, Elbow                     the body.
    Immovable         Bone of skull                         Cardiac muscle tissue cannot be controlled
    Pivot             Radius and humerus                     consciously, so it is an involuntary muscle.
    Saddle            Metacarpal and carpal                 While hormones and signals from the
    Slightly          Public bone of pelvic
    movable           girdle                                 brain adjust the rate of contraction, cardiac
                                                             muscle stimulates itself to contract.
                                                            The natural pacemaker of the heart is
MUSCULAR SYSTEM                                              made of cardiac muscle tissue that
                                                             stimulates other cardiac muscle cells to
   It is an organ system consisting of skeletal,
    smooth and cardiac muscles.
                                                            Because of its self-stimulation, cardiac
   It permits movement of the body,
                                                             muscle is considered to be auto-rhythmic
    maintains posture, and circulates blood
                                                             or intrinsically controlled.
    throughout the body.
   The muscular system in vertebrates is                URINARY SYSTEM or Renal System
    controlled through the nervous system,
    although some muscles (such as the                      It is the system of production, storage and
    cardiac muscle) can be completely                        elimination of urine.
    autonomous.                                             It consists of the kidneys, ureters, urinary
                                                             bladder, and urethra.
Skeletal Muscles                                            The kidneys filter the blood to remove
                                                             wastes and produce urine. The ureters,
   Skeletal muscles form most of the human
                                                             urinary bladder, and urethra together form
    body weight.
                                                             the urinary tract, which acts as a plumbing
   They are under the control of human will
                                                             system to drain urine from the kidneys,
    and all body movements occurring by our
                                                             store it, and then release it during
    will are produced by skeletal muscles.
   They are called skeletal muscles because
                                                            Besides filtering and eliminating wastes
    they are almost always found attached to
                                                             from the body, the urinary system also
    the skeleton and produce movements in
                                                             maintains the homeostasis of water, ions,
    different parts of the skeleton.
                                                             pH, blood pressure, calcium and red blood