Structure and Functions of a cell
Cell membrane                                           Cytoplasm
It is the outer lining of the cell which encloses       It is the fluid substance that fills the cell. All
all other cell organelles. The cell membrane            the cell organelles are suspended in the
also known as the plasma membrane is                    cytoplasm. The cytoplasm maintains the
semipermeable. It allows only specific                  osmotic concentration of the cells and prevents
molecules to pass through and blocking others.          them from bursting or shrinking.
Cell wall                                               Nucleus
The cell wall is a rigid layer that surrounds the       It is a membrane bound organelle, spherical in
plant cells. Plant cell walls are primarily made        shape. Most of the activities of the cell is
up of cellulose. It is located outside the cell         directed by the nucleus. All the cells in an
membrane whose main function is to provide              animal has one complete set of genes in its
rigidity,     strength,     protection     against      nucleus. The genetic material DNA help in
mechanical stress and infection.                        protein formation.
                                                        It is darkly stained are in the nucleus, it aids in
                                                        protein formation and RNA synthesis.