The word biology means, "the science of life", from the Greek bios, life, and logos, word or
knowledge. Therefore, Biology is the science of Living Things. That is why Biology is sometimes
known as Life Science.
Generally, biology is classified into 2 categories. Those are: Botany (Study of Plants) and Zoology
(Study of Animals).
  Category             Botany                                                    Zoology
  They are             Study of plants                                           Study of animals
  The person who       botanist or a plant scientist                             zoologists or a animal
  studies is called as                                                           scientist
  Main Persons         Father of Botany-Theophrastus                             Father of Zoology-
  Nomenclature         International Code of Nomenclature for algae, fungi,      International Code of
                       and plants (ICN),replaced by International Code of        Zoological Nomenclature
                       Botanical Nomenclature (ICBN).                            (ICZN or ICZN Code).
  Researches and       Deals with the studies of plant structure, growth and     Vast studies related to
  Studies includes     differentiation, reproduction, biochemistry and primary   animal structure,
                       metabolism, chemical products, development, diseases,     formation, physiological,
                       evolutionary relationships, systematic, and plant         evolutionary and
                       taxonomy.                                                 systematic and ethology.
Fathers of Different Fields in Biology                     Experimental Genetics - T. H. Morgan
                                                           *Birdman of India - Salim Ali
Father of ,                                                *Founder of Embryology - C. F. Wolff
Biology and Zoology - Aristotle
Botany and Ecology - Theophrastus                          Characteristics of life
Anatomy - Andreas Vesalius
Taxonomy and Nomenclature – Carolus                            Living things are composed of matter
Linnaeus                                                        structured in an orderly way where simple
Plant Physiology - Stephen Hales                                molecules are ordered together into much
Plant Pathology - de Bary                                       larger macromolecules.
Palaeontology - Leonard da Vinci                               An easy way to remember this is
Genetics - Gregor Johann Mendel                                 “GRIMNERD C” All organisms; - Grow,
Medicine - Hippocrates                                          Respire, Interact, Move, Need Nutrients,
Cytology - Robert Hooke                                         Excrete (Waste), Reproduce, Death, Cells
Modern Embryology - Von Baer                                    (Made of)
Immunology - Edward Jenner                                     Living things are sensitive, meaning they
Madern Palaeonlogy - Cuvier                                     are able to respond to stimuli.
Antiobiotic - Alexander Fleming                                Living things are able to grow, develop,
Blood Circulation - Willium Harvey                              and reproduce.
Blood Groups - Landsteiner                                     Living things are able to adapt over time
Green Revolution - Norman E. Borlaug                            by the process of natural selection.
Indian Green Revolution - M. S.                                All known living things use the
Swaminathan                                                     hereditary molecule, DNA.
Indian Palaeobotany - Birbal Sahni