Ans: (a)
201. An element is best characterized by its: [CDS 1999]
     (a) electronic configuration
     (b) atomic number
     (c) atomic weight
     (d) atomic volume
Ans: (b)
202. The anti-knocking compound used in petrol engines is :
     (a) diethyl Lead
     (b) tetra-ethyl Lead
     (c) triethyl Lead
     (d) mono ethyl Lead
Ans: (b)
203. Rusting of iron is an example of:
     (a) rapid oxidation
     (b) spontaneous combustion
     (c) slow oxidation
     (d) reduction
Ans: (c)
204. Oxidation involves:
     (a) gain in electrons
     (b) gain of hydrogen
     (c) loss of electrons
     (d) combustion
Ans: (c)
205. In colourful diamond different colours are present due to :
     (a) impurities
     (b) angular bonds between the carbon atoms
     (c) different patterns of carbon chains
     (d) None of the above
Ans: (a)
206. Match the following: [IAS 2003]
     A. Vodka        1. Apples
     B. Brandy       2. Potatoes
     C. Cidar        3. Barley
     D. Whisky       4. Grapes
          A          B         C        D
     (a)  2          4         1        3
     (b)  4          3         3        1
     (c)  2          1         3        4
     (d)  1          4         2        3