Ans: (c)
161. Which one among the following is the most unreactive gas? [NDA 2004]
     (a) Hydrogen
     (b) Oxygen
     (c) Carbon dioxide
     (d) Nitrogen
Ans: (a)
162. The pressure exerted by a real gas is less than the pressure exerted by an ideal gas because the:
     (a) molecules of a real gas possess more kinetic energy
     (b) molecules of a real" gas attract each other
     (c) molecules of a real gas have finite sizes
     (d) real gas is more viscous than an ideal gas
Ans: (b)
163. Production of chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) gas which is banned in India, was used in which of the following domestic
     products? [Bank PO 1992]
     (a) Television
     (b) Tubelight
     (c) Cooking gas
     (d) Refrigerator
Ans: (d)
164. Oxygen and.ozone are: [CDS 2002]
     (a) allotropes
     (b) isotopes
     (c) isomers
     (d) isobars
Ans: (a)
165. Choose the odd one out of the following :
     (a) common salt
     (b) epsom salts
     (c) baking powder
     (d) citric acid
Ans: (c)
166. "Gobar gas" contains mainly:
     (a) carbon dioxide
     (b) acetylene
     (c) ethylene
     (d) methane
Ans: (d)
167. Match the following:
     A..Aluminium 1. Cinnabar
     B. Iron         2. Bauxite
     C. Copper       3. Magnetite