(d) it cannot be split up into simpler substances by chemical means
Ans: (c)
122. Which of the following is not correctly matched? [NDA 1995]
     Element                  Symbol
     (a)  Antimony            Sb
     (b)  Tin                 Ti
     (c)  Tungsten            W
     (d)  Rhenium             Re
Ans: (b)
123. Match the following: [IFS 1993]
     Element                  Nature of element
     A. Sodium                1. Gas
     B. Phosphorus            2. Halogen
     C. Iodine                3. Alkali metal
     D. Radon                 4.Transition metal
                              5. Non-metal
          A         B         C          D
     (a)  2         5         3          1
     (b)  3         5         2          1
     (c)  4         2         3          5
     (d)  5         3         4          2
Ans: (b)
124. Soda water contains: [RRB1994]
     (a) nitrous acid
     (b) carbonic acid
     (c) carbon dioxide
     (d) sulphuric acid
Ans: (c)
125. Of the following metals which one used to pollute the air of a big city?
     (a) Copper
     (b) Chromium
     (c) Lead
     (d) Cadmium
Ans: (c)
126. The element present in the largest amount in rocks and minerals is :
     (a) carbon
     (b) silicon
     (c) hydrogen
     (d) aluminium