(b) Tri Nitro Phenol
         (c) Nitro Glycerine
         (d) Nitro Benzene
Ans: (c)
250. Aspirin is a / an :
         (a) antibody
         (b) antipyratic
         (c) moderate
         (d) None of these
Ans: (b)
251. The detergent is a : [BPSC 2004]
         (a) soap
         (b) drug
         (c) catalyst
         (d) highly fatty acids of oil
Ans: (d)
252. The raw material used for the manufacturing of Nylon is- [CDS 2010]
         (a) ethylene
         (b) edipic acid
         (c) urea
         (d) formaldehyde
Ans: (b)
253. The water hydrolysis of oil by the alkalies is called:
         (a) esterification
         (b) polymerisation
         (c) soapification
         (d) acetylisation
Ans: (c)
254. Which of the following chronological order of the density of various substances is true? [IAS 2005]
         (a) Steel > mercury > gold
         (b) Gold > mercury > steel
         (c) Steel > gold > mercury
         (d) Gold > steel > mercury
Ans: (b)
255. The liquid used in making dynamite is :
         (a) Nitro Glycerine
         (b) Olic acid
         (c) Lactic acid
         (d) Malleoic acid
Ans: (a)