(a)   teflon
         (b)   bakelite
         (c)   vitol
         (d)   gleptol
Ans: (b)
240. The plastic used in the preparation of non-sticky utensils is :
         (a) backelite
         (b) lac
         (c) vitol
         (d) Teflon
Ans: (d)
241. The first man made (artificial) silk is: [RRB ASM/GG 2003]
         (a) reyon
         (b) nylon
         (c) polyster
         (d) tricot
Ans: (b)
242. Which one of the following is not biodegradable? [CDS 2010]
         (a) Woollen mat
         (b) Silver Foil
         (c) Leather bag
         (d) Jute basket
Ans: (b)
243. Nylon is a:
         (a) vinyl polymer
         (b) polyamide
         (c) polyster
         (d) poly saccharide
Ans: (b)
244. Which of the following is not an explosive? [UPPCS (Pre) 2001]
         (a) TNT
         (b) TNG
         (c) Cyclo trimethylene trinitrotremin
         (d) Nitro chloroform
Ans: (d)
245. Which of the following is called Noble"s oil?
         (a) Trinitro Glycerine (TNG)
         (b) Trinitro Phenol
         (c) TNT
         (d) Nitro Glycerine
Ans: (a)
246. The explosive nitroglycerine is a : [BPSC 2004, IAS (Pre) 2009]
         (a) salt
         (b) nitro hydrocarbon
         (c) complex hydrocarbon
         (d) ester
Ans: (d)
247. RDX is:
         (a) Recently Developed Explosive
         (b) Research Developed Explosive
         (c) Really Descent Explosive
         (d) Rectified Developed Explosive
Ans: (b)
248. Who was the inventor of dynamite?
         (a) Otto Han
         (b) Rutherford
         (c) Edison
         (d) Alferd Nobel
Ans: (d)
249. The main component of dynamite is:
         (a) TNT