229. The oil of Mirbane is also known by the name of:
         (a) nitro benzene
         (b) aniline
         (c) phenol
         (d) toluene
Ans: (a)
230. The chemical name of tear gas is :
         (a) acetophenon
         (b) benzophenon
         (c) α-bromo acetophenon
         (d) α-chloro acetophenon
Ans: (d)
231. Which of the following substance is employed to examine the adulteration of the foodstuffs?
         (a) citric acid
         (b) potassium chloride
         (c) sodium benzoyate
         (d) sodium chloride
Ans: (c)
232. Which one of the following reducing agents can also act as an oxidizing agents? [CDS, 2010]
         (a) H2
         (b) H2S
         (c) SO2
         (d) HI
Ans: (c)
233. The chemical formula of carbolic acid is :
         (a) H2CO3
         (b) C6H5COOH
         (c) C6H5OH
         (d) C6H5CH2OH
Ans: (c)
234. The natural rubber is a polymer of : [UPPCS (Pre) 1992]
         (a) ethylene
         (b) acetylene
         (c) vinyl chloride
         (d) isoprin
Ans: (d)
235. Which of the following is not a natural polymer?
         (a) wool
         (b) silk
         (c) leather
         (d) nylone
Ans: (d)
236. Which of the following is a polymer:
         (a) vinyl chloride
         (b) urea
         (c) starch
         (d) styrene
Ans: (c)
237. A milkman puts banana leaf in the milk jar, because banana leaf- [CDS 2010]
         (a) gives a fresh flavour to the milk
         (b) makes the milk acidic and resistant to yeast
         (c) makes the milk basic and resistant to yeast
         (d) increases the whiteness of the milk
Ans: (c)
238. By the polymerisation of which of the following teflon plastic is prepared:
         (a) ethylene
         (b) acetylene
         (c) benzene
         (d) tetrafluoro ethylene
Ans: (d)
239. The cabinets of telephone receiver, radio and television are made from