(b) water and glyceral
          (c) water and ethylene glycol
          (d) None of these
Ans: (c)
210. The aqueous solution of 40% formaldehyde is called:
          (a) ethylene
          (b) acetylene
          (c) pyrin
          (d) forrnlin
Ans: (d)
211. The medicine urotropin used in the urinal diseases is prepared from:
          (a) chloroform
          (b) nitrobenzene
          (c) acetic acid
          (d) formaldehyde
Ans: (d)
212. The medicine chlorotone used to keep the mental balance of the sailor (diver) or mountainers is basically
          extracted from:
          (a) acetic acid
          (b) acetaldehyde
          (c) formaldehyde
          (d) acetone
Ans: (d)
213. If a piece of limestone is dipped inside the water of a jar (container) then some bubbles are appeard, which are
          caused by-
          (a) Hydrogen
          (b) Oxygen
          (c) Water vapour
          (d) Carbon dioxide
Ans: (d)
214. Which of the following acid is to be found in the vinegar? [BPSC (Pre)1998]
          (a) hydrochloric acid
          (b) citric acid
          (c) oxallic acid
          (d) acetic acid
Ans: (d)
215. The molasses (sugar gravey) is an excellent example of : [Uttarakhand PCS (Pre) 2003]
          (a) acetic acid
          (b) glycerine
          (c) power alcohol
          (d) urea
Ans: (a)
216. Which of the following is to be found in the tomato sauce?
          (a) citric acid
          (b) oxallic acid
          (c) lactic acid
          (d) acetic acid
Ans: (d)
217. The vinegar is a solution of: [RRB ASM/GG 2004]
          (a) 5% acetic acid in water
          (b) 50% acetic acid in water
          (c) 25% acetic acid in water
          (d) 40% acetic acid in water
Ans: (a)
218. The accumulation of which of the following causes muscle fatigue in the human body: [CSIR 2004]
          (a) pyrubic acid
          (b) lactic acid
          (c) oxale acetic acid
          (d) uric acid
Ans: (b)
219. Which of the following acid is utilized in the photography? [UPPCS (Pre) 2003]