(b) formic acid and water
          (c) methyl alcohol and water
          (d) ethyl alcohol and water
Ans: (d)
200. The excess use of ethyl alcohol damages the human organ which is :
          (a) kidney
          (b) liver
          (c) heart
          (d) intestine
Ans: (b)
201. In the hooch tragedy (casualty occurring due to wine poisoning) sometimes the incidents of blindness is caused by
          the poisoness substance:
          (a) ethyl alcohol
          (b) methyl alcohol
          (c) amyle alcohol
          (d) benzyle alcohol
Ans: (b)
202. The micro-nutrients provided by inorganic fertilizers are [CDS 2012]
          (a) Carbon, iron and boron
          (b) Magnesium, manganese and sulphur
          (c) Magnesium, zinc and iron
          (d) Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium
Ans: (d)
203. Which one among the following is correct regarding 20Ne, 23Na+, 19F- and 24Mg2+? [NDA 2012]
          (a) They are isomers of each other
          (b) They are isotopes of each other
          (c) They are isoelectronic with each other
          (d) All of the above
Ans: (b)
204. The end product of an alcoholic fermentation is :
          (a) pyrubic acid
          (b) acetaldehyde
          (c) ethyl alcohol
          (d) formic acid
Ans: (c)
205. The Gasohol is a mixture of gasoline and:
    (a) ethyl alcohol
    (b) methyl alcohol
    (c) butyl alcohol
    (d) ethylene glycol
Ans: (a)
206. The methanol is also known by the name of : [RRB ASM 2004]
          (a) rubing alcohol
          (b) deformed alcohol
          (c) wood alcohol
          (d) grain alcohol
Ans: (c)
207. Which one among the following is the main ingredient in cement? [NDA 2011]
          (a) Gypsum
          (b) Limestone
          (c) Clay
          (d) Ash
Ans: (b)
208. Glass is actually- [NDA 2011]
          (a) A crystalline solid
          (b) An ionic solid
          (c) An elastic solid
          (d) A nitrified liquid
Ans: (a)
209. The mixture of antifreezer substances are used in the radiators of automobiles of cold countries, this mixture has:
          (a) water and ethyl alcohol