(d) hydrocarbons and alcohols
Ans: (c)
160. The process through which various components of a petroleum substance are separated is called:
         (a) destructive distillation
         (b) ordinary distillation
         (c) fractional distillation
         (d) vacuum distillation
Ans: (c)
161. Which one among the following can produce light by a chemical change? [CDS 2010]
         (a) Sun
         (b) Moon
         (c) Electric bulb
         (d) Lighting and thunder
Ans: (d)
162. Which of the following is also known by the name of liquid gold:
         (a) petroleum
         (b) platinum
         (c) aquaregia
         (d) pyrine
Ans: (a)
163. Which among the following are the most important raw materials for the manufacturing of soap? [CDS 2010]
         (a) Fats and Caustic Alkali
         (b) Fats and Potash
         (c) Vegetable oil and Potash
         (d) Fats and Acid
Ans: (b)
164. Gashol which is used as a fuel in the motor vehicles is a mixture of:
         (a) methane and alcohol
         (b) petrol and alcohol
         (c) hydrogen and alcohol
         (d) natural gas and alcohol
Ans: (b)
165. In heavy vehicles diesel is used as a fuel because: [UPPCS (Pre) 1992]
         (a) it has more mileage and safe for the engine
         (b) it is less costly and useful in fuel savings
         (c) it has high power and convenient
         (d) it is cheaper with comparison to the petrol
Ans: (c)
166. The molecular formula of the compound whose emprical formula is CH2O and molecular wt. is 60 is :
         (a) C2H4O
         (b) C2H4O2
         (c) CH4O
         (d) CH4O2
Ans: (b)
167. The chemical substance used in the manufacturing of synthetic blanket, sweater etc. on the behalf of wool is-
         (a) Nylon
         (b) Teflon
         (c) Orion
         (d) Bakelite
Ans: (d)
168. The chemical substance used in the knocking is- [UPPCS (Pre) 1998]
         (a) ethyl alcohol
         (b) butane
         (c) lead tetraethyl
         (d) white petrol
Ans: (c)
169. The qualitative diagonestic of Gasoline is detected by:
         (a) iodine value
         (b) ceiten number