(c) chloride and sulphate of calcium and magnesium
         (d) None of these
Ans: (c)
120. The heavy water is a type of: [UPPCS (Pre) 1993]
         (a) coolent
         (b) moderator
         (c) ore
         (d) fuel
Ans: (b)
121. In all biological compounds the most fundamental element is: [UPPCS (Pre) 2003]
         (a) nitrogen
         (b) oxygen
         (c) carbon
         (d) sulphur
Ans: (c)
122. In which of the following carbon is not present? [42nd BPSC (Pre) 1998]
         (a) diamond
         (b) graphite
         (c) coal
         (d) None of these
Ans: (d)
123. Which one of the following can replace hydrogen from the acids and forms salt? [NDA 2010]
         (a) Sulphur (S)
         (b) Silicon (Si)
         (c) Zinc (Zn)
         (d) Phosphorus (P)
Ans: (c)
124. The percentage content of carbon is found to be maximum in : [UPPCS (Pre) 1999]
         (a) bituminous
         (b) lignite
         (c) peat
         (d) anthracite
Ans: (d)
125. The ordinary and general type of coke is : [39th BPSC (Pre) 1994]
         (a) anthracite
         (b) lignite
         (c) bituminous
         (d) peat
Ans: (c)
126. The polluted gas emitted from the vehicles is mainly: [BPSC 2001]
         (a) Carbondioxide
         (b) Carbon monoxide
         (c) Marsh gas
         (d) Nitrogen oxide
Ans: (b)
127. Which one of following sets of elements was primarily responsible for the origin of life on the Earth? [CSAT, 2012]
         (a) Hydrogen, Oxygen, Sodium
         (b) Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen
         (c) Oxygen, Calcium, Phosphorus
         (d) Carbon, Hydrogen, Potassium
Ans: (a)
128. Dry ice is :
         (a) Solid water
         (b) Solid CO2
         (c) Solid H2O2
         (d) Dehydrated ice
Ans: (b)
129. Quartz is composed of: [SSC Grad. 2004]
         (a) Calcium sulphate
         (b) Calcium silicate
         (c) Sodium sulphate