(c) bituminus
         (d) anthracite
Ans: (b)
80. Which of the following is used in the synthesis of polythene? [RAS/RTS (Pre) 2008, 2009]
         (a) Methane
         (b) Ethene
         (c) Propane
         (d) Butane
Ans: (b)
81. The process involved in the preparation of soap is called: [SSC CPO 2008]
         (a) Soapnification
         (b) Water hydrolysis
         (c) Freezing
         (d) Polymerisation
Ans: (a)
82. Which of the following is used in the commercial volcanization of the rubber? [CDS 2009]
         (a) Sulphur
         (b) Carbon
         (c) Phosphorus
         (d) Selenium
Ans: (a)
83. Which one of the following is to be found in nail polish remover? [CDS 2009]
         (a) Acetone
         (b) Benzene
         (c) Petroleum ether
         (d) Acetic acid
Ans: (a)
84. In which one of the following the maximum percentage of Nitrogen is to be found from the mass point of view?
         [NDA 2009]
         (a) Urea
         (b) Ammonium Cyanide
         (c) Ammonium Carbonate
         (d) Ammonium Sulphate
Ans: (a)
85. Which of the following is used as an antifreezing substance in the self-starting engines? [UPPSC LS (Pre) 2009]
         (a) Propyl alcohol
         (b) Ethanol
         (c) Ethylene Glycole
         (d) Methanol
Ans: (c)
86. Tetra Ethyl Lead (TEL)is : [SSC Graduate Level (Pre) 2010]
         (a) a catalyst in the combustion of fossil fuels
         (b) an anti oxidant
         (c) an anti knocking compound
         (d) a reducing agent
Ans: (c)
87. Which one of the following is not the component of nucleon? [SSC Graduate Level (Pre) 2010]
         (a) proton
         (b) neutron
         (c) electron
         (d) positron
Ans: (c)
88. Which one of the following metallic atom is present in the molecule of super phosphate? [NDA 2010]
         (a) Sodium (Na)
         (b) Potassium (K)
         (c) Calcium (Ca)
         (d) Magnesium (Mg)
Ans: (c)
89. The element radium is extracted from: [39th BPSC (Pre) 1994]
         (a) lime stone
         (b) pinch blend