Ans: (b)
225. Oil of winter green contains
     (a) acetone
     (b) ether
     (c) acetic acid
     (d) methyl salicylate
Ans: (d)
226. Acute diabetes patients smell of
     (a) acetone
     (b) ether
     (c) ethyl alcohol
     (d) methyl alcohol
Ans: (a)
227. The discoverer of chloroform was
     (a) Liebig
     (b) Pasteur
     (c) Bunsen
     (d) Erlenmeyer
Ans: (a)
228. Tincture iodine is
     (a) a disinfectant
     (b) an analgesic
     (c) a hypnotic
     (d) a dye
Ans: (a)
229. A hormone which contains iodine is
     (a) adrenalin
     (b) glucagon
     (c) epinephrin
     (d) thyroxin
Ans: (d)
230. Riboflavin deficiency causes
     (a) tongue inflammation
     (b) pellagra
     (c) night blindness
     (d) anaemia
Ans: (a)
231. Colour blindness is
     (a) a congenital disease
     (b) a communicable disease
     (c) an acquired disease
     (d) a contagious disease
Ans: (a)
232. Triple Antigen treatment for children is to ward off
     (a) whooping cough
     (b) tetanus
     (c) diphtheria
     (d) All the three