Ans: (a)
217. Which of the following biology laboratory?
     (a) Phenol
     (b) Benzaldehyde
     (c) Formaldehyde
     (d) Acetic acid
Ans: (c)
218. Rooms in places infected by plague are disinfected using
     (a) bleaching powder
     (b) iodoform
     (c) sulphur dioxide
     (d) chlorine
Ans: (c)
219. PAS is a drug used In the treatment of
     (a) tuberculosis
     (b) cancer
     (c) typhoid
     (d) malaria
Ans: (a)
220. The chemical name of aspirin is
     (a) acetamide phenol
     (b) malonyl urea
     (c) aminosalicylic acid
     (d) acetyl salicylic acid
Ans: (d)
221. An antipyretic is a drug used
     (a) in the treatment of malaria
     (b) to relieve sleepiness
     (c) to induce sleep
     (d) to lower body temperature
Ans: (d)
222. An example of stimulant fertilizer is
     (a) gypsum
     (b) urea
     (c) potassium nitrate
     (d) ammonium phosphate
Ans: (a)
223. Chloroform used as anaesthetic should be preserved In the dark in tightly stoppered bottles because otherwise
     (a) it becomes coloured
     (b) it gets evaporated in air
     (c) it gets oxidised to phosgene
     (d) it gets decomposed to chloropicrin
Ans: (c)
224. A drug that is usually administered for malaria is
     (a) sulphanilamide
     (b) quinine
     (c) methicillin
     (d) novocaine