Ans: (c)
209. Argyrol used as eye ointment is a solution of
     (a) hydrogen peroxide
     (b) silver nitrate
     (c) tincture iodine
     (d) m-cresol
Ans: (b)
210. Ascorbic acid is the chemical name for
     (a) Vitamin B6
     (b) Vitamin C
     (c) Vitamin K
     (d) Vitamin D
Ans: (b)
211. Beri-beri is caused by deficiency of Vitamin
     (a) A
     (b) C
     (c) B12
     (d) B1
Ans: (d)
212. LSD is
     (a) an anaesthetic
     (b) a psychedelic drug
     (c) an antipyretic
     (d) an antibiotic
Ans: (b)
213. In surgical operation, the anaesthetic commonly used nowadays is
     (a) iodoform
     (b) chloroform
     (c) nitrous oxide-ether mixture
     (d) chloroform-nitrous oxide mixture
Ans: (c)
214. The malarial parasite was discovered by
     (a) Sir Ronald Ross
     (b) Sir Francis Haig
     (c) Dr Jagadish Chandra Bose
     (d) Sir CV Raman
Ans: (a)
215. Which among the following is a local anaesthetic?
     (a) Chloroform
     (b) Morphine
     (c) Streptomycin
     (d) Cocaine
Ans: (d)
216. Penicillin was discovered by
     (a) Alexander Fleming
     (b) Sir JJ Thomson
     (c) Dr Nessler
     (d) Sir John Russel