Ans: (c)
169. Galvanising is the process of coating
     (a) iron with zinc
     (b) zinc with iron
     (c) copper with silver
     (d) silver with gold
Ans: (a)
170. A light alloy having high tensile strength is
     (a) German silver
     (b) solder
     (c) magnalium
     (d) bell metal
Ans: (c)
171. Rusting is a special case of corrosion applied to
     (a) nickel
     (b) tin
     (c) iron
     (d) chromium
Ans: (c)
172. Galvanising is coating Iron with
     (a) nickel
     (b) zinc
     (c) chromium
     (d) copper
Ans: (b)
173. Iron is rendered passive by
     (a) conc. H2SO4
     (b) conc. HCl
     (c) conc. HNO3
     (d) acetic acid
Ans: (c)
174. The pure at form of iron is
     (a) wrought iron
     (b) steel
     (c) pig iron
     (d) nickel steel
Ans: (a)
175. The alloy added in the preparation of steel contains
     (a) Fe and C
     (b) Mn and C
     (c) Fe and Mn
     (d) Fe, Mn and C
Ans: (d)
176. Burglar proof safes are made of
     (a) Tungsten steel
     (b) Manganese steel
     (c) Chromium steel
     (d) Nickel steel