124. Smelling salt contains
     (a) ammonium chloride
     (b) ammonium carbonate
     (c) ammonium sulphate
     (d) potassium nitrate
Ans: (b)
125. Which of the following act a both u oxidising and reducing agent?
     (a) nitric acid
     (b) ammonia
     (c) nitrous acid
     (d) nitrogen peroxide
Ans: (c)
126. Compounds of nitrogen with metals are called
     (a) nitrates
     (b) nitrites
     (c) hyponitrates
     (d) nitrides
Ans: (d)
127. Laughing gas is
     (a) nitric oxide
     (b) nitrogen peroxide
     (c) nitrogen pentoxide
     (d) nitrous oxide
Ans: (d)
128. Heated saw dust catches fire when a drop of concentrated nitric acid is added to it. This is due to
     (a) dehydration
     (b) oxidation
     (c) reduction
     (d) dehydrogenation
Ans: (b)
129. Nitrous oxide used as anaesthetic is usually mixed with
     (a) ethyl alcohol
     (b) chloroform
     (c) oxygen
     (d) methyl alcohol
Ans: (c)
130. The earliest name given to nitrogen was
     (a) dephlogisticated air
     (b) azote
     (c) inflammable air
     (d) marine acid air
Ans: (b)
131. The gas which has a faint sweet odour is
     (a) nitrogen
     (b) nitrous oxide
     (c) nitric oxide
     (d) nitrogen peroxide
Ans: (b)