110. Rayon la made from
     (a) cotton
     (b) wool
     (c) cellulose
     (d) silk
Ans: (c)
111. Which of the following la a very good supporter of combustion?
     (a) Carbon monoxide
     (b) Oxygen
     (c) Nitrogen
     (d) Hydrogen
Ans: (b)
112. Which of the following can absorb gases quickly?
     (a) Activated charcoal
     (b) Anthracite coal
     (c) Diamond
     (d) Graphite
Ans: (a)
113. Which of the following cannot be used as fuel?
     (a) Gasoline
     (b) Kerosene
     (c) Sulphuric acid
     (d) Alcohol
Ans: (c)
114. Two or more entirely different compounds having the same molecular formula are known as
     (a) isobars
     (b) isotopes
     (c) isomorphs
     (d) isomers
Ans: (d)
115. Match the following:
     List-I                            List-II
     A) Solid carbon dioxide           1) Baking soda
     B) Calcium carbonate              2) Drikold
     C) Carbonic acid                  3) Marble
     D) Sodium bicarbonate             4) Soda water
          A         B         C        D
     (a)  2         1         3        4
     (b)  2         3         4        1
     (c)  3         4         2        1
     (d)  2         4         1        3
Ans: (b)
116. In the process of purification of water for town supply, the substance used to remove bad smell and colour from
     water is