(a) CO2 poisoning
     (b) CO poisoning
     (c) phosgene poisoning
     (d) anesthesia
Ans: (b)
103. Soda-water contains
     (a) sodium bicarbonate
     (b) sodium carbonate
     (c) carbonic acid
     (d) sodium hydroxide
Ans: (c)
104. The purest form of carbon is
     (a) animal charcoal
     (b) coal
     (c) wood charcoal
     (d) sugar charcoal
Ans: (d)
105. Diamonds are weighed in
     (a) grams
     (b) pounds
     (c) carats
     (d) tons
Ans: (c)
106. The poisonous nature of carbon monoxide is due to
     (a) cutting off supply of oxygen
     (b) it’s being converted into carbon dioxide
     (c) its combination with haemoglobin of blood
     (d) its blocking of vocal chords
Ans: (c)
107. A compound of carbon used as anaesthetic is
     (a) carbon disulphide
     (b) carbon tetrachloride
     (c) phosgene
     (d) chloroform
Ans: (d)
108. Which of the following carbon compounds is used as a fire extinguisher?
     (a) Carbon disulphide
     (b) Chloroform
     (c) Carbon tetrachloride
     (d) Methylene chloride
Ans: (c)
109. Leakage in Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) cylinders is easily detected by adding
     (a) mercaptans
     (b) propylene
     (c) carbon disulphide
     (d) phosgene
Ans: (a)