(b) Dalton
     (c) Lavoisier
     (d) Fischer
Ans: (a)
95. Methylated spirit is a mixture of
     (a) methyl alcohol and acetic acid
     (b) methyl alcohol and ethyl alcohol
     (c) ethyl alcohol and pyridine
     (d) methyl alcohol and pyridine
Ans: (b)
96. Which of the following is used as a food preservative?
     (a) phenol
     (b) washing soda
     (c) absolute alcohol
     (d) vinegar
Ans: (d)
97. Which of the following is baking soda?
     (a) Na2CO3 . 10H2O
     (b) NaHCO3
     (c) Na2CO3 . H2O
     (d) NH4CI
Ans: (b)
98. The carbon cycle ensures that
     (a) the percentage of carbon dioxide in air is kept almost constant
     (b) air always contains a constant proportion of oxygen
     (c) sufficient amounts of carbohydrates are produced
     (d) the process of photosynthesis proceeds smoothly
Ans: (a)
99. The simplest hydrocarbon is
     (a) benzene
     (b) methane
     (c) ethane
     (d) butane
Ans: (b)
100. During fermentation, the by-product is
     (a) ethyl alcohol
     (b) methyl alcohol
     (c) carbon monoxide
     (d) carbon dioxide
Ans: (d)
101. If people sleep in closed rooms where charcoal fire is burning, they die due to
     (a) carbon monoxide
     (b) carbon dioxide
     (c) methane
     (d) phosgene
Ans: (a)
102. Carbogen is used in