(c) urea
    (d) methane
Ans: (c)
87. Marble is
    (a) calcium carbonate
    (b) sodium carbonate
    (c) magnesium sulphate
    (d) ferric chloride
Ans: (a)
88. Compounds containing only carbon and hydrogen are called
    (a) carbohydrates
    (b) carbides
    (c) hydrocarbons
    (d) carbonyls
Ans: (c)
89. The form of carbon used in decolourising sugar solution is
    (a) wood charcoal
    (b) animal charcoal
    (c) coconut charcoal
    (d) lamp black
Ans: (b)
90. Artificial diamonds were produced by
    (a) Moissan
    (b) Davy
    (c) Faraday
    (d) Marie Curie
Ans: (a)
91. Marsh gas is
    (a) ethane
    (b) ethylene
    (c) acetylene
    (d) methane
Ans: (d)
92. The oldest known organic compound is
    (a) urea
    (b) methane
    (c) acetic acid
    (d) benzene
Ans: (c)
93. Vinegar is the trade name for
    (a) chloroform
    (b) acetic acid
    (c) phenol
    (d) carbon tetrachloride
Ans: (b)
94. The scientist who synthesised the first organic compound (urea) in the laboratory was
    (a) Wohler