(d) Chlorine
Ans: (c)
79. Water has an unusually high bolling point because
    (a) its molecular weight is low
    (b) it is denser than ice
    (c) it is a good solvent for many ionic substances
    (d) the molecules of water are joined by hydrogen bonds
Ans: (d)
80. Solid carbon dioxide (Dry ice) is also known as
    (a) Thiokol
    (b) Drikold
    (c) Perhydrol
    (d) Mannitol
Ans: (b)
81. Phosgene is a compound of
    (a) red phosphorus and oxygen
    (b) white phosphorus and oxygen
    (c) carbon monoxide and chlorine
    (d) carbon dioxide and chlorine
Ans: (c)
82. Lead pencils contain
    (a) white lead
    (b) graphite
    (c) red lead
    (d) coke
Ans: (b)
83. The Carbon dioxide is absorbed by
    (a) Palladium
    (b) NaCI
    (c) KOH
    (d) Dilute H2SO4
Ans: (c)
84. Solid carbon dioxide is used
    (a) as a drying agent
    (b) as a refrigerant
    (c) as an antiseptic
    (d) as a bleaching agent
Ans: (b)
85. A burning substance which continues to burn in a jar of carbon dioxide is
    (a) zinc
    (b) red phosphorus
    (c) magnesium
    (d) sulphur
Ans: (c)
86. The first organic compound prepared in the laboratory was
    (a) acetic acid
    (b) chloroform