Some of the petroleum products and their                          the reservoir. It is the by-product of
uses                                                              cracking process during crude-oil refining.
                                                                 It is used as fuel in households, and in
  Petroleum        Uses
  Petrol           Fuel in motor car, aviation,                  It releases CO2 which is a greenhouse gas
                   solvent for dry cleaning                       but is cleaner when compared to gasoline.
  Diesel           Fuel for heavy vehicle, such as               It is highly inflammable.
                   trucks, rail engine, small vehicle,
                   such as jeep car, for jet air crafts,     Ethanethiol or Ethyl Mercaptan is a
                   small generators, etc.                    colorless gas or clear liquid with a distinct
  Liquid           Fuel in households, and in
                                                             scent. It added to liquefied petroleum gas
  Petroleum        vehicles.
  Gas                                                        (LPG) to help warn of gas leaks.
  Kerosene         Fuel for stoves, jet aircrafts,           Octane Number or Octane Rating is a
                   lamps, etc.
  Lubricating      Used as lubricants mainly in
                                                             standard measure of the ignition quality of gas
  oil              engines.                                  (gasoline or petrol).
  Paraffin wax     Used in manufacturing of                  Antiknock Agent is a gasoline additive used
                   ointment, candles, cosmetics,
                   etc.                                      to reduce engine knocking and increase the
  Bitumen          Used in making of paints, road,           fuel"s octane rating by raising the temperature
                   etc.                                      and pressure at which ignition occurs.
  Asphalt          Roads, railway beds or airport
                   runways, etc.                             Cetane Number or Cetane Rating is an
                                                             indicator of the combustion speed of diesel
                                                             fuel. It is an inverse of the similar octane
NATURAL GAS                                                  rating for gasoline (petrol).
     It is naturally occurring hydrocarbon gas.             FLAME
     It is a mixture of methane, higher alkanes,            It is the hot glowing body of ignited gas that is
      carbon dioxide, etc.                                   generated by something on fire.
     It is found in deep underground rock
                                                             Zones of Candle Flame
      formation as fossil fuel.
     Compressed natural gas (CNG) is used for               Dark zone: It is the area around the wick of
      running vehicle.                                       the candle flame that consists of unburnt wax
                                                             vapour. When you ignite the candle, the
CNG : Compressed Natural Gas
                                                             molten wax moves up (due to a phenomena
     Its constituent is methane.                            called the capillary action) and vaporizes
     It obtained from natural gas-and-                      around the wick creating a dark zone. This part
      condensate wells, oil wells, coal bed                  is "dark black" because of the decomposed
      methane wells.                                         carbon particles formed due to vaporization.
     It is the substitute for gasoline in                   Also, it is the least hottest of all the four zones.
      automobiles.                                           Luminous zone: It is the region where
     It releases lesser greenhouse gas.                     incomplete combustion takes place and a lot of
     It is lighter than air and hence disperses             heat is generated. In this zone, the molten wax
      quickly in the event of spillage.                      particles further vaporize in the presence of
                                                             wax and vapor particles. It is present near the
LPG : Liquefied Petroleum Gas                                base of the flame. It is typified by a yellowish
     Its constituents are Propane and Butane
     It is automatically generated from gas
      fields when natural gas is extracted from