Nuclear fission & Nuclear Fusion
   Nuclear fission                                 Nuclear Fusion
   Splitting of a heavy nucleus into two or        Combination of two light nuclei to form a heavy
   more light nuclei.                              nucleus.
   Takes place at room temperature.                Requires a very high temperature equal to 4 X
                                                   106 oC.
   Comparatively less amount of energy is          Enormous amount of energy is released.
   Fission reaction can be controlled and the      Fusion reaction cannot be controlled and hence
   energy released can be used to generate         the energy released cannot be used to generate
   electricity.                                    electricity.
   It is a chain reaction.                         It is not a chain reaction.
   It leaves behind radioactive wastes.            It does not leave behind any radio active wastes.
   One class of nuclear weapon is a fission        One class of nuclear weapon is the hydrogen
   bomb, also known as an atomic bomb or           bomb, which uses a fission reaction to "trigger" a
   atom bomb.                                      fusion reaction.
Nuclear Reactor                                              It is a weapon that infers its disparaging
                                                              and explosive power with nuclear fission.
    It is a system that contains and controls               The atomic bomb worked in the way that
     sustained nuclear chain reactions.                       radioactive element which includes
    It is used for generating electricity,                   plutonium (239Pu) or uranium (235U), is
     moving aircraft carriers and submarines,                 joined into supercritical mass, the quantity
     producing medical isotopes for imaging                   of material expected to start a chain
     and cancer treatment, and for conducting                 reaction.
     research.                                               The destructive material exists in bomb,
    The most common nuclear fuels are                        when exploded, will start a chain reaction
     Uranium 235 and Plutonium 239.                           that leads to the blast.
     Moderators such as heavy water (D2O) are
     used to slow down neutrons and control               Hydrogen        Bomb        or    H-bomb      or
     rods to absorb neutrons. It also contains            thermonuclear weapon
     liquid sodium as coolant.
                                                             It is a weapon that infers its hazardous and
Radioactive Half-Life                                         ruinous power with nuclear fusion
The radioactive half-life for a given
                                                             It worked in a way that a fission bomb is
radioisotope is the time for half the radioactive
                                                              set within a radiation-reflecting holder
nuclei in any sample to undergo radioactive
                                                              alongside fusion fuel, like deuterium and
decay. After two half-lives, there will be one
fourth the original sample, after three half-
                                                             It took its name from the way that
lives one eight the original sample, and so
                                                              deuterium and tritium are isotopes of
Half Life Period is defined as the time taken                The disparaging material, fission bomb,
for half of the reaction to be completed.                     blasts, which is called as primary reaction.
                                                              After that it compresses and warms fusion
Atom Bomb or A-bomb or fission bomb                           fuel, which then brings about additional
                                                              chain reaction, called as the secondary