(c) The mass of the pendulum has to be increased
           (d) The mass of the pendulum has to be reduced
Ans : (a)
261. Which one of the following remains constant while throwing ball upward? [NDA 2008]
           (a) Displacement
           (b) Kinetic energy
           (c) Acceleration
           (d) Velocity
Ans : (c)
262. A proton and an electron having equal velocity are allowed to pass through a uniform magnetic field. Which one of the following
     statements is correct in this connection? [NDA 2008]
           (a) The proton and the electron experience equal and opposite force
           (b) The proton expenences greater force than does the electron
           (c) The electron" experiences more force than does the proton
           (d) No moving charged particle experiences a force in a magnetic field
Ans : (a)
263. A syringe is a hollow glass tube with lower end tapered to a nozzle. Due to which one of the following liquid can be drawn into a
     syringe? [NDA 2008]
           (a) Partial vacuum produced inside the Glass tube
           (b) Diffusion
           (c) Surface tension effect
           (d) Capillary action
Ans : (c)
264. Consider the following
     Heat produced in a conductor carrying current is independent of
                 1)   current passing through it.
                 2)   thermal conductivity.
                 3)   specific resistance.
           Which of the statements given above is are correct? [NDA 2008]
           (a)   1and 3
           (b)   2 only
           (c)   1and 2
           (d)   2 and 3
Ans : (b)
265. In a sitar wire which one of the following types of vibration is produced? [NDA 2008]
           (a) Progressive longitudinal
           (b) Stationary longitudinal
           (c) Progressive transverse
           (d) Stationary transverse
Ans : (d)
266. Consider the following statements: The Principle of total internal reflection is applicable to explain the
           1) formation of mirage in desert.
           2) formation of image in microscope.