204. Which of the following gives correct descending order of elasticity in the substances?
       (a) Rubber, silver, glass
       (b) Silver, rubber, steel
       (c) Steel, silver, rubber
       (d) All have equal elasticity
Ans : (c)
205. A person"s spectacles have a power of -2.0. The spectacles have ____ and are _____.
           1) converging lens
           2) diverging lens
           3) for short sight
           4) for long sight
       (a) 1and 3
       (b) 1and 4
       (c) 2 and 3
       (d) 2 and 4
Ans : (c)
206. When iron rusts, its weight:
       (a) decreases
       (b) increases
       (c) shows no change
       (d) decreases and then increases
Ans : (b)
207. Soap is used in washing because:
       (a) it lowers the surface tension of water
       (b) it increases the surface tension of water
       (c) increases the viscosity of water
       (d) decreases the viscosity of water
Ans : (a)
208. The colour of the outer edge of the rainbow will be :
       (a) purple
       (b) red
       (c) violet
       (d) yellow
Ans : (b)
209. When milk is churned, the cream separates from it due to the:
       (a) cohesive force
       (b) centrifugal force
       (c) frictional force
       (d) gravitational force
Ans : (b)
210. Why do rain bearing clouds look black?
       (a) All light is scattered by them
       (b) They reflect the sunlight back into the atmosphere
       (c) The large number of water droplets in them absorb all the sunlight
       (d) There is a lot of dust condensed on the water vapour in these clouds