A         B           C             D
       (a)  1         2           3             4
       (b)  2         1           4             3
       (c)  1         2           4             3
       (d)  2         1           3             4
Ans : (b)
161. Rocket works on the principle of:
       (a) conservation of mass
       (b) conservation of enerqy
       (c) conservation of momentum
       (d) None of the above
Ans : (c)
162. In an electronic watch, the component corresponding to the pendulum of a pendulum clock is : [IAS 1994]
       (a) Transistor
       (b) Balance wheel
       (c) Crystal oscillator
       (d) Diode
Ans : (c)
163. The hydraulic brakes used in automobiles is a direct application of: [NDA 1992)
       (a) Archimedes" principle
       (b) Torkellian law
       (c) Bernoulli"s theorem
       (d) Pascal"slaw
Ans : (d)
164. In T.V. transmission:
       (a) sound and video signals are transmitted simultaneously
       (b) sound is transmitted first and then the video signal follows
       (c) video signal is transmitted first, followed by sound signal
       (d) sound and video signals are transmitted from different places at the same time
Ans : (a)
165. If a bimetallic strip is heated. it will :
       (a) not bend at all
       (b) bend towards the metal with lower thermal expansion coefficient
       (c) bend towards the metal with higher thermal expansion coefficient
       (d) twist itself into a helix
Ans : (b)
166. Match the following: [Central Excise, 1993]
            Quantity                                Unit
     A.    Electric force                1.    Volt between two
                                               charged bodies
     B.    Electric charge               2.    Newton
     C.    Electric potential            3.    Farad
     D.    Electric capacity             4.    Coulomb
            A         B           C             D