109. Two bodies A and Bare of same mass, and same amount of heat is given to both of them. If the temperature of A increases more
     than that of B because of heat addition, then: [CDS 2002]
       (a) the specific heat capacity of A is more than that of B
       (b) the specific heat capacity of A is less than that of B
       (c) both A and B have the same specific heat capacity but A has greater thermal conductivity
       (d) both A and B have the same specific heat capacity but B has greater thermal conductivity
Ans : (b)
110. A solid sphere, a disc and a ring of the same mass and radius are allowed to roll down a frictionless inclined plane simultaneously
     from the same height. In this context, which one of the following statements is correct? : [CDS 2002]
     (a) (a)The disc reaches down first
     (b) The sphere reaches down first
     (c) (c)The ring reaches down first
     (d) All of them reach down simultaneously
Ans : (b)
111. A person sitting in an open car moving at constant velocity throws a ball vertically upwards in air. If effect of air resistance is
     neglected, the ball will fall: [CDS 2002]
     (a) exactly in hands of the person
     (b) outside the car
     (c) in the car behind the person
     (d) in the car ahead of the person
Ans : (a)
112. Transfer of heat energy from the sun to the moon takes place by: [CDS 2001]
     (a) radiation only
     (b) radiation and conduction
     (c) radiation and convection
     (d) radiation, conduction and convection
Ans : (a)
113. Superconductivity results when matter is: [CDS 2001]
     (a) heated to very high temperature
     (b) compressed to very high pressure
     (c) subjected to very low pressure
     (d) cooled to very low temperature
Ans : (d)
114. Consider the following electromagnetic waves: [CDS 2001]
           1) X -rays
           2) Gamma-rays
           3) Microwaves
           4) Radio waves
     What is the correct sequence in the order of their increasing energy?
     (a)   4, 3, 1, 2
     (b)   1, 3, 2, 4
     (c)   4, 2, 1, 3
     (d)   1, 4, 3, 2
Ans : (a)