(d) 4, 1, 2, 3
Ans : (a)
54. The mass of the body is different from its weight because: [AssttGrade1991]
       (a) mass varies very little at different places, whereas weight varies a lot
       (b) mass is a variable quantity, whereas weight is constant
       (c) mass is a measure of the quantity of matter, whereas" weight is force
       (d) mass is constant but weight increases as the body moves from the Poles to the Equator
Ans : (c)
55. Electron was first identified by:
       (a) JJ. Thomson
       (b) Daniel Rutherford
       (c) J. Kepler
       (d) James Chadwick
Ans : (a)
56. Neutron was discovered by: [NDA 1991]
       (a) Moseley
       (b) Rutherford
       (c) Thomson
       (d) Chadwick
Ans : (d)
57. Who among the following received Nobel Prize twice for the same subject? [LIC 1993]
       (a) Frederic Jolit
       (b) Frederic Sanger
       (c) Stanley Cohen
       (d) Marie Curie
Ans : (d)
58. Who is the recipient of Nobel Prize for the Development of Wireless Telegraphy?
       (a) J. J. Thomson
       (b) Kamerling Onnes
       (c) Samuel Morse
       (d) Marconi
Ans : (d)
59. Which one of the following pairs is correctly matched? [IFS 1990]
       (a) Madam Curie - X-ray
       (b) Albert Einstein - Photoelectric effect
       (c) Linus Pauling - Electron
       (d) C. V. Raman - Stock effect
Ans : (b)
60. Which of the following is the correct combination of the inventors and the inventions? [MBA 1994]
       (a) Galileo Galilei      -           Transistors
       (b) Elisha Thomson -                 Windmill
       (c) J. L. Baird          -           Television
       (d) Sir Frank Whittle -              Laser
Ans : (c)