Which of the statements given above is/are correct? [NDA 2004]
     (a)  1 and 2
     (b)  2 only
     (c)  1 and 3
     (d)  2 and 3
Ans : (d)
7.   Match the following:
       A. Movement of water and        1. Bernoulli"s
            minerals from earth to        principle
            leaves of plants through
       B. Lift of an aeroplane         2. Capillary action
            during its flight
       C. Formation of a star in       3. Surface tension
            the universe
       D. Cleaning action of soap      4. Gravitational
          A          B          C         D
     (a)  2          1          4         3
     (b)  2          4          3         1
     (c)  3          1          2         4
     (d)  3          4          2         1
Ans : (a)
8.   Bariumin a suitable form is administered to patients before an X-ray examination of the stomach, because: [IAS 1999]
     (a) barium allows X-rays to pass through the stomach on account of its transparency to X-rays
     (b) barium compound, like magnesium sulphate helps in cleaning the stomach before X-ray examination .
     (c) barium is a good absorber of X-rays and this helps the stomach to appear clearly in contrast with the other regions in the
     (d) barium salts are white in colour and this helps the stomach to appear clearly in contrast with other regions in the picture
Ans : (c)
9.   Consider the following statements regarding a motor car battery: [IAS 1999]
     1) The voltage is usually 12 V.
     2) Electrolyte used is hydrochloric acid.
     3) Electrodes are lead and copper.
     4) Capacity is expressed in ampere-hour.
     Which of the above statements are correct?
     (a)  1 and 2
     (b)  3 and 4
     (c)  2 and 3
     (d)  1 and 4
Ans : (d)
10. Consider the following statements:
     The fog during winter season is more on the day when
     1)   sky is Clear.