1.   A person stands at the middle point of a wooden ladder which starts slipping between a vertical wall and the floor of a room, while
     continuing to remain in a vertical plane. The path traced by a person standing at the middle point of the slipping ladder is: [IAS
     (a) a straight line
     (b) an elliptical path
     (c) a circular path
     (d) a parabolic path
Ans : (c)
2.   For which one of the following is capillarity not the only reason? [IAS 1999]
     (a) Blotting of ink
     (b) Rising of underground water
     (c) Spread of water drop on a cotton cloth
     (d) Rising of water from the roots of a plant to its foliage
Ans : (b)
3.   Consider the following statements with reference to X-rays: [NDA 2004]
     1) They produce heat when absorbed by matter.
     2) They are generated when fast moving electrons strike a metal target.
     3) They can penetrate through a thin sheet of aluminum
     Which of the statements given above are correct?
     (a)  1, 2 and 3
     (b)  1 and 2
     (c)  2 and 3
     (d)  1 and 3
Ans : (a)
4.   Which one of the following statements is correct? [NDA 2004]
     A slab of ice kept in a room:
     (a)  does not radiate heat
     (b)  does not radiate heat but absorbs heat from the surrounding
     (c)  radiates heat but absorbs more heat from the surrounding
     (d)  radiates heat more than that absorbed by it from the surrounding
Ans : (b)
5.   A body lying at rest suddenly breaks into two parts of equal masses which start moving. The two parts will move in : [NDA2004]
     (a) opposite direction with equal speed
     (b) same direction with equal speed
     (c) any direction with unequal speed
     (d) opposite direction with unequal speed
Ans : (a)
6.   Consider the following statements:
     1) Horsepower is a bigger unit of power than kilowatt.
     2) One thousand crore is equal to 1010.
     3) One acre is slightly greater than 5000 square metres.