262. If a body executes 5HM then the phase difference of the velocity and
   acceleration of the body is- [NDA 2010]
   (a) 0°
   (b) 90°
   (c) 180°
   (d) 270°
Ans: (b)
263. Which one of the following pairs has not identical dimension? [NDA
   (a) potential energy and kinetic energy
   (b) density and specific density
   (c) focal length and height
   (d) gravitational force and frictional force
Ans: (b)
264. At high altitudes, pressure cooker is preferable for cooking, because the
   boiling point of water
   (a) reduces due to higher atmospheric pressure
   (b) reduces due to lower atmospheric pressure
   (c) increases due to reduced gravitational force
   (d) reduced due to increased ozone content in the atmosphere
Ans: (b)
265. If an object having mass of 1 kg is subjected to a force of 1 it move with?
   [CDS 2010]
   (a) a speed of 1 m/ s
   (b) a speed of 1 km/s
   (c) an acceleration of 10 m/s2
   (d) an acceleration of 1 m/s2
Ans: (d)
266. An athlete diving off a high springboard can perform a variety of
   exercises in the air before entering the water below. Which one of the
   following parameters will remain constant during the fall? [CDS 2010]
   (a) The athlete"s linear momentum
   (b) The athlete"s moment of inertia