218. The Nobel prize started by Alfred Nobel, who had invented: [RRB
   Gorakhpur GG 2003]
   (a) Aircraft
   (b) Telephone
   (c) Safety lamp
   (d) Dynamite
Ans: (d)
219. Who was the inventor of television? [RRB CC 2003]
   (a) W. Ramsse
   (b) RobertMaless
   (c) J.L Beyard
   (d) Johnson
Ans: (c)
220. The Wright Brothers were the inventors of : [RRB GG 2002]
   (a) telescope
   (b) radio
   (c) aeroplane
   (d) elevator
Ans: (c)
221. X-rayswas invented by : [RRB GG 2003, UPPCS (Pre) 2005]
   (a) Hopkins
   (b) Roentgen
   (c) Marconi
   (d) Morse
Ans: (b)
222. Who developed the atom bomb? [SSC 2002]
   (a) Bearnor Bon Bron
   (b) J. Robert Opan Heemar
   (c) Adberd Taylor
   (d) Samual Cohen
Ans: (d)
223. Who developed the missile? [SSC 2002]