(c) William Cook
   (d) Terry Edison
Ans: (d)
169. Who invented thermoscope an early form of thermometer? [MPPCS (Pre)
   (a) Sir Christopher Wren
   (b) Charles F Richter
   (c) Beno Gutenberg
   (d) Galileo
Ans: (b)
170. Who gave the theory of gravity? [MPPCS (Pre) 2011]
   (a) Charles Newton
   (b) Charles Babbage
   (c) Issac Newton
   (d) John Adams
Ans: (c)
171. Lenz"s law is directly related to :
   (a) energy conservation
   (b) mass conservation
   (c) momentum conservation
   (d) none of these
Ans: (a)
172. Cloudy nights are warmer than cloud free nights because of? [NDA 2010]
   (a) greenhouse effect
   (b) depletion in ozone layer
   (c) infrared radiation
   (d) land surface radiation
Ans: (d)
173. Who was the inventor of neutron? [UPPCS (Pre) 1995, 1996, JPCS (Pre)
   (a) Rutherford
   (b) Thomson