(c) lead
   (d) tungsten
Ans: (d)
159. The coil in a heater is made of ? [CDS, 2010]
   (a) Nichrome
   (b) Tungsten
   (c) Copper
   (d) Iron
Ans: (a)
160. Stephen Hawking is a: [MPPCS (Pre) 2011]
   (a) Pianist
   (b) Scientist
   (c) Guitarist
   (d) American politician
Ans: (b)
161. The most familiar form of radiant energy in sunlight that causes tanning
   and sun burning of human skin, is called [NDA,2010]
   (a) ultraviolet radiation
   (b) visible radiation
   (c) infrared radiation
   (d) microwave radiation
Ans: (a)
162. If 10 bulbs each of 100 watt remain switched on for 1 hour daily, then the
   total electricity consumed everyday would be : [RRB ASM/GG 2004]
   (a) 1 unit
   (b) 100kWh
   (c) 10 unit
   (d) 10kWh
Ans: (a)
163. Who was the inventor of the lightning conductor? [RRB ASM/GG 2004]
   (a) Graham Bell
   (b) Lord Lister