(b) at constant volume
   (c) at constant pressure
   (d) none of these
Ans: (b)
96.Entropy is the measurement of :
   (a) disorder parameter
   (b) state of matter
   (c) molecular configuration
   (d) none of these
Ans: (a)
97.The light is a: [RRB ASM/GG 2004]
   (a) transverse wave
   (b) longitudinal wave
   (c) both
   (d) none
Ans: (a)
98.The ratio of velocity of X-rays to that of gamma rays [NDA 2010]
   (a) is < 1
   (b) is > 1
   (c) is 1
   (d) depends upon the ratio of their frequencies
Ans: (c)
99.The velocity of light in vacuum or air is: [JPSC (Pre) 2003]
   (a) 9 x 102 m/sec
   (b) 3 x 1011 m/sec
   (c) 3 x 108 m/sec
   (d) 2 x 104 m/sec
Ans: (c)
100. On raising the temperature of the medium velocity of light: [SSC 2004]
   (a) increases
   (b) decreases
   (c) remains the same