(d) of appearance of friction in the coils
Ans: (c)
49.If the length of a simple pendulum is increased by 4% then its time period
   will be : [RRB ASM/CC 2004]
   (a) increased by 3%
   (b) increased by 2%
   (c) increased by 4%
   (d) one of these
Ans: (b)
50.The ratio of the transverse deformation and the longitudinal deformation is
   called: [RRB Assist. driver 2003]
   (a) Poisson ratio
   (b) Bulk modulus of elasticity
   (c) Rigidity modulus of elasticity
   (d) Young"s modulus of elasticity
Ans: (a)
51.The raindrops are spherical due to : [RRB CC 2003, UPPCS (Pre) 2005]
   (a) surface tension
   (b) atmospheric friction of air molecules
   (c) gravity of the spherical earth
   (d) viscosity of the raindrops
Ans: (a)
52.If a ship moves from fresh water into seawater, it will- [CDS,2011]
   (a) sink completely
   (b) sink a little bit
   (c) rise a little higher
   (d) remain unaffected
Ans: (c)
53.The unit of viscosity is : [RRB ASM 2003]
   (a) poise
   (b) pascal
   (c) poiseuille