44.When a stone piece is brought from the moon"s surface to the earth then:
   [BPSC (Pre) 2004]
   (a) its mass will change
   (b) its weight will change but its mass would remain constant
   (c) the weight and mass both will change
   (d) neither mass nor weight will change
Ans: (b)
45.The person sitting in a lift or elevator will experience more: [UPPCS (Pre)
   (a) when the lift is accelerated downwards
   (b) when the lift is accelerated upwards
   (c) when it is coming downwards with equal velocity
   (d) when it is going upwards with equal velocity
Ans: (b)
46.The apparent weight of a person sitting in a lift is less than its real weight
   when the lift moves [RRB TC 2004]
   (a) upwards with an acceleration
   (b) downwards with an acceleration
   (c) upwards with equal velocity
   (d) downwards with equal velocity
Ans: (b)
47.The time period of a pendulum watch : [BPSC (Pre) 2005]
   (a) depends on the mass
   (b) depends on the length
   (c) depends on the time
   (d) depends on the temperature
Ans: (b)
48.The pendulum watches become slowed down in summer because: [UPPCS
   (Pre) 1994]
   (a) of longer summer day
   (b) the weight of the pendulum is increased in the summer
   (c) pendulum becomes elongated and correspondingly time is elongated at
       per unit oscillation