(d) will be cyclonic
Ans: (a)
40.In which of the following kinetic energy does not exist: [RRB TC/CC 2002]
   (a) fired bullet
   (b) flowing water
   (c) imparted hammer
   (d) stretched bow
Ans: (d)
41.If a moving body doubles its velocity then the kinetic energy of the body will
   be: [RRB TC/CC 2001]
   (a) double
   (b) four times
   (c) same
   (d) three times
Ans: (b)
42.The cyclist (man) leans or bends himself around a turning because: [RRB
   ASM/GG 2004]
   (a) speed of man and cycle should be the same, otherwise the cycle will skid
   (b) he bends to locate the centre of gravity inside the base which prevents
       him from falling down
   (c) he bends to exert pressure on the cycle"s wheels to move on the curved
       track (path)
   (d) he bends to cross the curved path speedily
Ans: (b)
43.Which of the following force is exerted by a cream separator machine of the
   milk: [RRB TC/CC 2005]
   (a) centrifugal force
   (b) centripetal force
   (c) non-central force
   (d) external force
Ans: (a)