21.A cricket player catches a fast coming ball by pulling his hands back
   because: [RRB Metro Rail 2002]
   (a) the ball can come to a position of rest
   (b) the ball can be accelerated
   (c) the ball can exert a larger force
   (d) the ball can exert a lesser force
Ans: (c)
22.Force is the product of : [BPSC (Pre)2002]
   (a) mass and velocity
   (b) mass and acceleration
   (c) weight and velocity
   (d) weight and acceleration
Ans: (b)
23.The weight of a human body is : [RRB 2006]
   (a) same at every places on the earth"s surface
   (b) maximum at the poles
   (c) maximum at the equator
   (d) more on the mountains than the plains
Ans: (b)
24.If the weight of a man is 600N on the earth, then his weight on the moon will
   be: [RRB Metro Rail 2002]
   (a) 6000 N
   (b) 60 N
   (c) 1000 N
   (d) 100 N
Ans: (d)
25.If the weight of an object on the earth"s surface is 29.4 N then the mass of the
   object would be : [RRB TC 2004]
   (a) 2 kg
   (b) 3 kg
   (c) 4 kg
   (d) 29.4 kg