Ans: (c)
11.Which of the following is not matched? [UPPCS (Pre) 2001]
   (a) Decibel-unit of sound
   (b) Horse power-unit of power
   (c) Nautical mile-unit of distance
   (d) Celsius-unit of heat
Ans: (d)
12.The unit of magnetic flux is :
   (a) weber
   (b) weber / meter
   (c) weber-ampere
   (d) weber-sec
Ans: (a)
13.The S.I. unit of the Young"s modulus of elasticity is : [RRB TC 2005]
   (a) dyne/cm
   (b) newton/meter
   (c) newton/meter2
   (d) newton-sec
Ans: (c)
14.Which of the following is a vector quantity?
   (a) energy
   (b) momentum
   (c) moment of inertia
   (d) all of these
Ans: (b)
15.An artificial satellite orbiting around the earth does not fall down. This is so
   because the attraction of the earth: [CSAT 2011]
   (a) does not exist at such distance
   (b) is neutralized by the attraction of the moon
   (c) provides the necessary speed for its steady motion
   (d) provides the necessary acceleration for its motion
Ans: (d)